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Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel Is Dominating On Netflix Right Now And Sometimes I Still Think About That Possible Sequel

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

As you can see there are still some unanswered questions that Real Steel could dive into about Atom and his mysterious past, with Shawn Levy himself still fascinated by those prospects years after the first film’s release. With the way the film ends in a very Rocky-style result with Atom becoming “the people’s champion,” anyone who has latched onto this charming bot in the past or present is going to want to see the robo-fighter win a clean, fair and square victory. Unfortunately, even with a strong kernel of an idea, no draft could get Shawn Levy, star Hugh Jackman, and executive producer Steven Spielberg to commit to getting a sequel off the ground. However, time has passed, and perhaps a window has opened for the hypothetical Real Steel 2 — particularly in an era where Netflix has the goods to possibly make a project like this happen.


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