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I Care A Lot Ending: Do The Final Twists And Turns Satisfy?

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download movie latest in hindi

Female Empowerment In I Care A Lot?

Marla is the most clever person in I Care A lot, and part of the reason why she’s so smart is because she knows how to game the system. Not just the legal system, but the system of life that labels and stereotypes women. Marla is able to play the part of the generous, caring woman who just wants to help the elderly because people assume that most women are kind, nurturing, generous, and self-sacrificing.

Jennifer is also able to manipulate people into thinking she’s this sweet old lady, when she’s just as ruthless as her son and Marla. Throughout I Care A lot, we see these female characters (from the doctor to the female assassin) who are able to be corrupt and devious because of how society underestimates women. Women in I Care A lot are also shown as the most competent characters, especially compared to the male characters who often get outplayed.


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