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Ice Cube’s Biggest And Best Contributions To Movies Over The Years

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Next Friday

While Ice Cube helped produce movies before Next Friday, most notably the first Friday, Next Friday was important because it was the first film produced underneath his own production company, Cube Vision (Or CubeVision, no space). Cube Vision would go on to produce a number of other films that Ice Cube starred in, but the crazy thing is just how much larger the production company got after Next Friday.

If the stories hold true, then Cube Vision will also be working with Disney to produce another musical version of Oliver Twist. So, yeah, the man who once famously said ‘F the police’ is now working behind the scenes with the family-friendly Disney company to help produce a Charles Dickens classic. I don’t know Ice Cube personally, but I could imagine him nodding and saying, “Today was a good day” to that kind of news.


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