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Interview With The Vampire Ending Explained: What Happened And What It Means

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download movie latest in hindi

How Interview With The Vampire Ended

Louis tells Daniel how he saw Lestat one last time in the late ’80s but he doesn’t know what happened to him. Daniel insists that there must be more to the story and a reason why Louis told him his story. He believes that Louis wants a new companion and wants him to be it.

Daniel continuously pleads with Louis to make him a vampire, so Louis attacks him in frustration, but lets him live. Daniel, shaken from the sudden outburst by Louis, gathers all his tapes and heads to his car. He speeds down the highway and starts playing the tapes. Daniel smirks a little to himself, likely because of the gold he just got with Louis’s story and because he escaped death.

Suddenly, Lestat appears and bites Daniel. While driving, Lestat offers Daniel a choice that he never got. Lestat now has been restored to his full vampire self.


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