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Is It Worth Going To Walt Disney World During A Pandemic? We Investigate

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download movie latest in hindi

Buses, Boats And More: There are still plenty of ways to transport yourself around Disney parks, including buses, boats, ride shares, the Skyliner and the famous Monorail. All of that transportation is still in use during this time, though there are some changes. Capacity has been reduced on buses as one example and when I rode, only one party was allowed in a Skyliner gondola at a time, for another example. If you are using the Disney transportation from park to park, due to social distancing measures there can be waits, though the longest my husband and I waited was for a boat, which is a typical Disney World experience, even pre-pandemic. The Magic Kingdom railroad to get around that park has been shut down through 2020 as the Tron rollercoaster continues construction, as well.


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