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Is Park Hopping At Walt Disney World Worth It? We Weigh In On Pros And Cons

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download movie latest in hindi

Jessica: You know Dirk, while Disney makes it easy to hop from park to park via a variety of transportation, including the monorail, boats, buses and the newest addition, the Skyliner, I do get what you are saying. You have to wait for the transportation. Then, you have to embark, head all the way to another park and disembark, all of which takes time. Unless you just really love the monorail, I do get your point that the transportation can feel like a waste. However, I just think structuring your day around a park hop yields you so many more options. Do you want to wake up, ride Test Track at Epcot and then later in the day hop over to the Magic Kingdom to catch the Happily Ever After fireworks (in normal times of course)? With the Park Hopper, you can do all that in one day and more.


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