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Is Zack Snyder Teasing His Original Plans For Catwoman In The DCEU?

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download movie latest in hindi

Carla Gugino is an outstanding actress best known for her roles in Sin City and the recent The Haunting of Hill House. She has a history with Zack Snyder, too, though, having appeared in the director’s Watchmen adaptation, Sucker Punch, and as a voice actor in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman She’s a loyal member of Snyder’s troupe, and she’d be an amazing choice to play Catwoman opposite this older, grizzled Batman that Ben Affleck plays.

Because Ben Affleck’s currently romantically involved with Ana de Armas, though, some have even suggested the young beauty for the part. And yep, that totally works (though she’d be a much younger version of the character on screen, so maybe she’d have to be the latest in a longer line of Catwomen plaguing Gotham).


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