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James Bond’s Most Valuable Bond Cars Have Been Ranked And Aston Martin Is Right Where You Think

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download movie latest in hindi

British insurance broker Hagerty, a company that only deals in protecting “classic cars and motorbikes” released a list of 38 automobiles that have been featured in the 007 franchise. And out of those cars listed, 7 were Aston Martins, all of which were in the top 10. The top of the Aston heap is the Aston Martin DB10, featured in 2015’s Spectre and valued at £2,900,000; while the lowest ranked entry of the company’s stable is the DBS V12 from Quantum of Solace, which is valued at £80,000. Even two of cars that Aston Martin provided for the upcoming film No Time To Die are on the list, with second place going to the Valhalla model and its £1,250,000 evaluation.


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