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John Carpenter’s The Thing: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Kurt Russell Horror Movie

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Doc’s Arm-Loss Effect In The Thing Was Achieved By Hiring An Amputee

When naming The Thing‘s most shocking flagship moment, many cite “Doc” Copper’s (Richard Dysart) attempt to revive what he does not realize is an imitation of Norris (Charles Hallahan), whose stomach turns into a large mouth that chomps down on Doc’s arms. In Terror Takes Shape, Rob Bottin, the man we can thank for the film’s stunning practical effects, reveals that, in the following wide shot, the now armless Doc is then played by a man, who had lost his arms in an industrial accident, wearing a mask modeled from Dysart’s face. Bottin also mentions how this same double was wearing fake arms made of jello, wax bones, and rubber in the close-up of the grotesque amputation.


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