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Keanu Reeves And Alex Winter Shared A ‘Sweet’ Moment When They Realized Bill And Ted Face The Music Was Going To Work

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download movie latest in hindi

I think both of us realized, the night before we started shooting, we’d never really just done the guys. You know? [laughs] In all the rehearsals, and all of the script meetings, in all of our prep — Keanu and I, we would work together every weekend while we were in prep, and he came over on the Sunday before we started shooting on the Monday, and we were by ourselves. By then, the producers were like, ‘Geez, are they ever going to do it? Are they ever going to actually, like, do the guys?’ … And he looked and me, and I looked at him, and we were, ‘Alright, let’s just do the damn characters!’ So we spent that Sunday, for the first time really the day before shooting, just riffing on being Bill and Ted again. And it was really sweet.


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