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Letitia Wright: 8 Things You Might Not Know About The Black Panther Star

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She Declined Roles And Took A Break From Acting To Focus On Her Faith

While many young and talented performers work hard to put themselves out there and make a name for themselves in their early 20s, Letitia Wright’s journey through Christianity ultimately came first. While she was proving herself to be a dynamic and distinguished actress, she admitted in an interview with This Morning that she turned down some promising roles to focus inward and examine and strengthen her faith and her commitments to God. 

This devotion to faith is surprising, but considering how valuable Wright found it during her darkest period, she clearly values her relationship with God over her career ambitions. Through this period of reflection through religion, Wright appears to be more confident and content with herself, her desires in life, and her goals moving forward. Here’s what she said in this interview (via Relevant Magazine):


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