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Mad Max Furiosa Prequel: Release Date, Cast And Other Quick Things We Know About The Movie

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There Was A Script For Furiosa Before Shooting Began On Mad Max: Fury Road

The 30-year gap between Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Mad Max: Fury Road did not mean that George Miller wasn’t thinking about the world he created. In fact, as the process to bring Fury Road to the screen took several years, Miller took the time to build elaborate character backgrounds from Immortan Joe to the Doof Warrior (that guy with the guitar). Unsurprisingly, Furiosa’s history was also well developed.

Another tidbit that Miller shared in the New York Times piece was that the more they dove into Furiosa, the more they loved her. So much so that before they even shot a single scene of Mad Max: Fury Road there was a script for a Furiosa origin story.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who played Splendid in Fury Road, was quoted saying:

I got to read it [the script] when I was cast. It’s genius. I’ve always wondered if that movie’s going to get made.

Yes, Rosie, yes it is.


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