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Mank And 11 Other Big Netflix Movies Coming Before The End Of 2020

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The Princess Switch: Switched Again – November 19

In the last few years, Netflix has been really getting into the Christmas movie game and it’s taking aim at the sort of movies Hallmark prides itself on. Following the viral release of A Christmas Prince, the streaming service served up The Princess Switch, a sugar-coated modern take on Mark Twain’s The Prince & the Pauper with two spoonfuls of Vanessa Hudgens. The 2018 rom-com followed a baker Stacy who switches places with Lady Margaret Delacourt, Duchess of Montenaro, who is desperate to get out of the spotlight for a couple days. The Princess Switch: Switched Again will add a third lookalike into the mix, a “party girl” named Fiona, who will foil the plans for Stacy and Margaret to switch places again amidst a royal wedding.


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