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Marvel Characters: What’s Next For Every Major Superhero In The MCU

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download movie latest in hindi

Hulk: When We’ll See Bruce Banner Next

Part genius scientist, part rage-fueled monster, Hulk has gone on one hell of a journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the ride isn’t done yet.

Where We Saw Hulk Last

Years and years of internal struggle ended for Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, as he was finally able to create peace between both halves of himself and become “Professor Hulk.” He survived the battle against Thanos, though his arm may be permanently damaged following his use of the Infinity Stones in the nano gauntlet to resurrect all those killed by Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet snap.

Where Hulk Will Appear Next

At present, it’s unknown where or when Hulk will appear next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know he’s still roaming around, but we don’t know whose story he will next be a part of. That being said, there is a She-Hulk series in development for Disney+, and it has been confirmed that the central hero, Jennifer Walters, will be portrayed as a cousin of Bruce Banners’.


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