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Memento: 9 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Christopher Nolan Movie

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Memento Was The First Narrative Film From The 2000s Preserved By The National Film Registry

The world won’t be forgetting Memento any time soon, thanks to the National Film Registry. In 2017, Memento was one of 25 films selected for preservation by the organization as a “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant work.” It also has one other unique distinction among other films, it was the first narrative feature added to the Registry from the 21st century.

The National Film Registry requires that a film be at least 10 years old before it can be nominated for preservation. But despite that meaning 21st films were eligible as of 2010, no narrative film was until Memento in 2017. Prior to that, only documentary films had been added to the Registry.

Since that time, seven other 21st century narrative features have made the cut, including another of Christopher Nolan’s films, The Dark Knight, in 2020.

Memento celebrates its official 20th anniversary on March 16. Write it on a polaroid so you won’t forget.


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