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Mortal Kombat: 7 Most Insane Kills In The New Movie

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download movie latest in hindi

When it comes to anything related to Mortal Kombat, there is a high expectation for violence. Hell, it’s right there in the name. The video game was created with the premise of having two characters try to beat each other to death in creative and gory ways, and it’s a formula that has worked for nearly three decades now. As such, fans definitely went into the new blockbuster adaptation from director Simon McQuoid anticipating some hardcore destruction and dismemberment, and in that realm the movie definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Mortal Kombat doesn’t waste any time getting to the bloody violence, as plenty of the red stuff is spilled in the first sequence alone, but there are definitely certain moments that stand out more than others – the standouts being seven specific kills that fans will remember for a long time. We’ve chronicled them all here, and it should be stressed that we didn’t include every death scene made the cut here; it’s just of the best.

Spoilers ahead!


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