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Mortal Kombat Gets Dealt An Uppercut As It May Lose Its Box Office Crown In Its Second Weekend

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

After 10 days, this means that Mortal Kombat‘s box office total at home is $34.1 million, and presently it has made $66.9 million internationally. When you take into consideration the film’s reported budget of $55 million, the film definitely doesn’t look like a success – but multiple factors need to be kept in consideration. Obviously there is the COVID-19 of it all, as theaters around the country continue to operate at limited capacity during the pandemic. The studio is also certainly going to weigh the movie’s streaming success into the way it judges its overall performance, as the tent pole release is currently streaming on HBO Max at the same time that it is playing on the big screen. Unfortunately we don’t know the exact statistics at present, so it’s a challenge to fully surmise its popularity.


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