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Moulin Rouge Cast: What The Actors Are Doing Now, Including Nicole Kidman

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download movie latest in hindi

Jacek Koman (The Unconscious Argentinean)

The Unconscious Argentinean (Jacek Koman) doesn’t get many lines in Moulin Rouge, but that’s why when he does speak, it’s such a pivotal moment. He has one of my personal favorite Moulin Rouge scenes when he sings “El tango de Roxanne.” Jacek Koman has appeared in the films Defiance, Australia, Horseplay, Breath, The Jungle, The Hater, Children of Men, and Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

Most of Koman’s screen credits are in the world of television. He appeared in Richard Roxburgh’s series Rake, where he played Jakub for eight episodes. Koman has also appeared in the series Top of the Lake, Waking the Dead, Hotel 52, Jack Irish, Tidelands, Mustangs FC, The Woods, and The Disappearance. As of April 2021, Jacek Koman is filming a drama called Wiarolom. Koman also is the lead singer of the band VulgarGrad. They formed in 2004 and are still together and touring. They released their latest album, The Odessa Job, in 2019.


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