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Movies Anywhere: Why It’s Worth Checking Out If You Buy Digital Movies

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

I think it’s safe to say there has been a point in our lives where we have purchased a digital movie but a couple months down the road forgotten if we bought it through Disney or on Amazon, Vudu, or any other online digital retailer. We go through all of our accounts, search the title, and eventually find it, but only after wasting precious minutes browsing (and that’s if we remember our account information and passwords). But luckily there is a little service called Movies Anywhere.

Through Movies Anywhere, you can link your Amazon, Vudu, Google, and other accounts together so that all your movies are in the same place. You can redeem the codes that are collecting dust in your Blu-ray collection, and you can even watch your favorite movies with friends, family, and even random people you meet on the internet.This service isn’t new, and you may already have it. But if you haven’t gotten around to checking out it, it’s worth a look and pretty useful for digital movie owners.  

Here’s a breakdown of Movies Anywhere and why it’s a must-have if you buy digital movies.


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