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Netflix’s I Care A Lot Ending: How Star Rosamund Pike Feels About The Twists And Turns

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download movie latest in hindi

I’m glad the movie doesn’t let her get away with it. I like rooting for an anti-hero now and again, but I never really found myself rooting for Marla. I appreciate her stubborn determination and her ruthless will to get ahead, but her crimes, at least to me, are way too reprehensible to get away with. She had a chance to walk away and completely misunderstood the opponent she was playing against and how far she was out of her depth. There had to be consequences for her miscalculation, and despite what Pike says in the above quote, I’m not entirely sure that many viewers “sort of want to see Marla win.” My guess is the majority are rooting for Peter Dinklage’s character or possibly rooting for everyone to lose.


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