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Netflix’s The Midnight Sky Ending: What Happened, And How That Twist Makes Sense

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download movie latest in hindi

How Augustine’s Past Plays Into The Midnight Sky

Throughout The Midnight Sky, we see a series of flashbacks detailing a relationship between younger Augustine (Ethan Peck) and a woman he once loved. It starts at a lecture that eventually inspires the Aether mission, and its crew, but this romance ends as Augustine turns his back on human connection in favor of his work. Despite lying in a flashback, Augustine’s girlfriend actually did give birth to his child. Except for seeing her briefly one time, he doesn’t get to know her or become involved in her life.

As it turns out, his daughter is the little girl that he hallucinates as his companion on the journey to the antenna. Named Iris, she never speaks, but joins Augustine on his perilous quest. In the greatest twist to The Midnight Sky, we’re informed that Iris is actually part of Sully’s full name: Iris Sullivan. Through a great turn of fate, the pregnant Iris finally gets to encounter her father, for a brief moment in time, before becoming one of the potential saviors of humanity.


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