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Netflix’s The Mitchells Vs. The Machines Voice Cast: Who’s Voicing Each Character

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

What do Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph, Eastbound and Down’s Danny McBride, and Broad City co-creator Abbi Jacobson have in common. If you guessed that they are all some of the most unique comedic voices of our time, you wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s not what we’re going for here. The correct answer is they all headline Netflix’s The Mitchells vs. the Machines cast alongside Mike Rianda, who makes his directorial debut in the new Phil Lord and Christopher Miller-produced animated film.

In the new Netflix movie, which was produced by Sony Pictures Animation, the Mitchells set off for what appears to be a normal cross-country family road trip before they find themselves being humanity’s last hope after a rogue artificial intelligence (voiced by Olivia Colman) captures every other living soul in a tech uprising. But outside of the family at the center of the story, The Mitchells vs. the Machines features a remarkable voice cast featuring comedians, singers, basketball players, and even a pug with a bigger social media presence than most celebrities.


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