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No Big Deal, Just Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson And More Hanging Out On The Mission: Impossible 7 Set

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download movie latest in hindi

Simon Pegg has been an integral player in the Mission: Impossible franchise since his character, Benji Dunn, debuted in Mission: Impossible III. So far we’ve watched Rebecca Ferguson crush it as Ilsa Faust in Rogue Nation and Fallout, and like Benji, she’s become a valued member of the core cast. Of course, Ving Rhames has them both beat, as he’s the only actor besides Tom Cruise to appear in all of the Mission: Impossible movies, although he only cameoed as Luther Stickell at the end of Ghost Protocol. The point being, at this stage of the Mission: Impossible game, it’d be weird if Pegg, Ferguson and Rhames weren’t involved in these next two installments.


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