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No Time To Die: 8 Quick Things We Know About Daniel Craig’s Last Outing As James Bond

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download movie latest in hindi

The Threat James Bond Is Trying To Prevent Could Be Catastrophic

As we previously mentioned, Rami Malek’s new adversary Safin is someone that’s going to give James Bond a run for his money. Not only does he sound like the most vicious modern Bond villain, but based on the information given in the second trailer, as well as the “Meet Safin” instructional video, No Time To Die features a nemesis that’s got the world in his sights. 

Lines of dialogue that give out hints such as “He’s going to kill millions,” or “If we don’t do this, there’ll be nothing left to save,” aren’t things you drop into a trailer for no reason. So Daniel Craig’s final outing as Bond looks like it’s going to graduate the rebooted continuity into an era of adversaries who look at the world, and want it all.


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