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Nomadland Ending: Where Does Each Character Go From Here

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

Linda (played by real-life nomad Linda May) could be considered Fern’s best friend as the two work together and share stories all across the West. All roads lead somewhere, and Linda’s leads to a plot of land in Arizona where she hopes to build a self-sustainable “earth ship” in hopes of having roots to pass down to future generations.

Swankie (played by real-life nomad Swankie) is introduced early and quickly becomes central to Fern’s growth and acceptance of all life has to offer. When a cancer diagnosis leaves her with months to live, Swankie decides to get the most out of her final days and makes new memories before resting her eyes one final time.

Bob (played by American vandweller Bob Wells), the ever-optimist appears on occasion to help guide Fern, providing meaningful and impactful words when needed the most. We last see Bob at the rendezvous where he and Fern talk about his dead son, saying he knows he will see him again and that Fern will see her husband later on down the road.


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