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Notorious Vs. All Eyez On Me: Which Rap Biopic Was Better

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The Songs

What good is a musical biopic without an excellent soundtrack? Of the two rap movies, which movie has the better tunes?


Notorious uses its songs effectively in concerts and in the studio. Some of the songs in the film include “Juicy,” “Party and Bullshit,” and of course “Hypnotize.” And the songs fit the story nicely. Even if you don’t like the movie itself, you can’t hate on that soundtrack.

All Eyez on Me

Much like Notorious, the songs in All Eyez on Me are played at appropriate times and kind of act as a segue from scene to scene, so it flows nicely. Some of the tracks in this movie include “Same Song” from Pac’s Digital Underground days, “Keep Ya Head Up” and “California Love.” Really, it all just depends on whose songs you prefer. They’re both great soundtracks.

The Victor: Notorious

I want to say tie, but I just feel like Notorious is a little bit more creative with how it slips its songs in. Plus, “Hypnotize” is one of my favorite songs ever, so…


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