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Off Duty Cop Dressed As Star Wars’ Stormtrooper For Halloween Stopped A Drunk Driver, And There’s Video

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download movie latest in hindi

I will admit it’s slightly upsetting that she didn’t approach the vehicle while wearing her helmet, as that would have made this footage absolute art. Still, one can only imagine what the person being pulled over, who was arrested for suspicion of DUI, was thinking when they saw the Stormtrooper approaching their vehicle. If they weren’t actually drunk behind the wheel, they probably thought they were.

And if one of your officers pulls somebody over dressed as a Stormtrooper, I think you’re basically required by law to put together a video like this. The opening title crawl is spot on, and actually remarkably long, so somebody really put some effort in. At the end of the clip we see the officer in her full costume, including the helmet, and the fact that she apparently dressed her dog up as an Ewok, which is perfect.

While we can’t hear any of this exchange between the officer and the person who has been pulled over, it must have been a little wild. Did the officer actually address the fact that was dressed like a Stormtrooper when she spoke to the person? Was there any indication that the person that had been pulled over didn’t believe she was actually a police officer? This whole situation could have been more than a little crazy, though it looks like everything went more or less by the book, minus the non-regulation uniform.

More than likely, because it was Halloween, this interaction still felt more or less normal. Of course, now I sort of want to see traffic stops done by Stormtroopers on a regular basis. If nothing else, it would make the video more entertaining, and probably make being pulled over suck slightly less for the people getting tickets.


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