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One Huge Challenge With Planning Godzilla Vs. Kong’s On-Screen Battles

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

While Godzilla does have an edge over King Kong when it comes to durability and boasting atomic breath, the gargantuan gorilla is definitely more agile. So just like a regular gorilla, swinging comes naturally to him, which is fortunate since at some point in Godzilla vs. Kong, he’ll have to maneuver around skyscrapers. But as Owen Patterson noted, the team didn’t want to go so far as to see real buildings being trimmed down in size when Godzilla and King Kong are fighting in King Kong, which meant that their lengths needed to be altered from how they are in real life. That being said, one wouldn’t be faulted for assuming the MonsterVerse’s Hong Kong will be devastated when all’s said and done.


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