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Paul Feig Describes How Bridesmaids’ Famous Bathroom Scene Could Have Been Even Wilder

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

It’s tone, and at the base of this whole movie, we really wanted to make sure that it played real. It’s outrageous, and it’s at the edge of real, but it’s still real. It’s hanging out with your most extreme friends, but we always checked that. A lot of comedies, for me, always go off the rails when it’s like, ‘OK, here’s the world we’re in, here’s the rules of the world.’ Then suddenly they subvert the rules just in the name of a joke, and then you go, like, ‘Well, wait, why did that person… I thought that person would never do something like that.’ They didn’t do it in a way where I went like, ‘Oh, what a surprising new facet of their personality.’ I go, like, ‘Ok, they just did something crazy to try to make us laugh, and now you’ve subverted the whole rules of the game.’ We really tried, Kristen and Annie and Judd and I just wanted to make sure that we really stayed true to realistically extreme characters, and let them go wild.


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