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Priyanka Chopra: 6 Things You Might Not Know About The Matrix 4 Actress

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While Attending High School In The US, Priyanka Chopra Was Bullied For Her Race

America would eventually fall head over heels for Priyanka Chopra as her fame in the States rose, but, unfortunately, the Indian actress’ first taste of the country was a bitter one. Newton, Massachusetts was where she attended high school, at which she was subjected to racist insults from students calling her names like “Browny” or “Curry” or being told to “go back on the elephant [she] came on,” as she recalled in a 2019 interview with WSFB 3, a local news station in Connecticut. She then added that, instead of allowing the experience to kill her self-esteem, it inspired her to be a force for change and the growth of culturally diversity, especially in the media, which she continues to push for from behind the camera.


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