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Ralph Macchio: What To Watch If You Like The Cobra Kai Star

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Lost Cat Corona (Tubi)

I know that the last word almost feels cursed now, but hear me out when I say that Lost Cat Corona is actually a good time. In another comedy entry on this list, Lost Cat Corona tells the story of a man who is searching for his wife’s missing cat, and this journey brings him to face his colorful and crazy neighborhood – but also the dangerous parts as well, where he needs to confront his fears to make his wife happy.

This movie is so silly, but that’s really what makes it watchable, as long as you don’t take it seriously. There are some parts in Lost Cat Corona that are ridiculous and have you scratching your head, but once you put it in context, it fits surprisingly well. Ralph Macchio, starring as the husband searching for the cat, shines in this comedic entry, no matter how zany the plot can get sometimes. If you’re down for a quirky yet fun comedy, this film is for you.

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