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Ready Player Two: Everything We Know About Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One Sequel Book

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download movie latest in hindi

Who else is ready to return to the OASIS? We’re nearly a month away from the release of Ernest Cline’s latest novel, Ready Player Two, the much-anticipated sequel to the 2011 sci-fi novel Ready Player One. For years, details on the anticipated sequel were pretty impossible to come by, but now that the release is so close (November 24!), we know a few exciting things about the book, including the plot.

We’re going off of the official description of the book for a couple of these, but there are some other interesting tidbits I’ve pulled together about the book’s release as well. Also, this article contains a couple of big spoilers from Ready Player One, but if you haven’t read the book yet, it’s unlikely you’re clamoring for details about the sequel. Still, if you’ve only seen the movie, I suggest turning back now and reading the original book, which plays out a bit differently though it gets to a similar conclusion.


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