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Rudy Giuliani Fires Back At Borat 2 Over His Shocking Scene

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download movie latest in hindi

There’s a bit more to the quote, but it’s mostly Giuliani talking about how this is all meant as a distraction to prevent him from continuing to investigate Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and promising more ahead on that front. We’ll leave that part to be analyzed by others, but as for what appears in the movie and what happened in the hotel room, it’s probably going to be up to viewers to decide for themselves. Our own Sean O’Connell wrote up the scene yesterday and called it “shocking.” He also said it contains “edits and audio cues that raise suspicion.” It’s a pretty safe bet that if Sacha Baron Cohen had more incriminating footage, it would have been used. Ultimately, we just don’t know because none of us were there. Regardless, it’s an uncomfortable scene to watch, and it’s one Giuliani clearly wishes he wasn’t a part of.


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