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Schitt’s Creek: The Best David And Alexis Moments From The Series

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When Alexis First Said “Ew, David.”

One of the most iconic lines from Schitt’s Creek is said by Alexis, often following the word ‘Ew,’ and ending in ‘David,’ because she finds many of the things her brother does to be a bit out there and gross in her eyes. But, the first time she ever said it, in the Season 1 episode “Allez-Vous,” it was right after a party, and David had zeroed in on a product that was promoted during said event. He says, “Alexis, you’d like this product. It’s all about aging and dried skin.” Of course, Alexis responds with “Ew, David!”

But, at the same time, the way in which she delivers the line feels so lifelike and how someone would actually respond to their brother. Often just hearing her say ‘David!’ brings a smile to my face.


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