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Scott Pilgrim: Edgar Wright’s Unexpected Compliment About His 10-Year-Old Comedy

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download movie latest in hindi

I just had to watch it, so last year, I guess before Christmas, whilst I was finishing up two other movies,one afternoon I had to go and watch Scott Pilgrim as well. I sat in the Dolby Cinema in Soho Square, and was like, ‘Oh my god, it just looks so incredible.’ … I just watched it and I’d go ‘ How the hell did we do that?’ And not to sort of brag, because I could say this more about the work of Bill Pope and Double Negative and Frazier Churchill, who did the visual effects, [but] I don’t really know what I’d do differently now, visually. I don’t really know how you could make it look better than it does. Which is an unusual thing to say about a film that’s 10 years old. Like, I don’t know how I would better the visual effects, or the cut of the movie. So for me, just watching [Scott Pilgrim] that removed, and watching it again, better than it’s ever looked and sounded before, I was like, ‘Ok, wow. Great. I’m down.’


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