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Skull Island And King Of The Monsters Have Post-Credits Scenes, Why Godzilla Vs. Kong Doesn’t

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

In the end though, it was decided to simply end Godzilla vs. Kong in a more traditional manner, and Max Borenstein is okay with that. I won’t share spoilers for how Godzilla vs. Kong concludes, but there is definitely a sense that an era is ending when all is said and done. So those who watch the movie later this week either in theaters or on HBO Max (use this link to sign up for the streaming service) can sit with that finality rather than immediately start obsessing over what the next phase/chapter of the MonsterVerse plans to deliver. As for what was being “toyed around with” regarding Godzilla vs. Kong’s potential post-credits scene, Borenstein didn’t provide me with any specifics, so hopefully down the line, either he or one of the other creative minds who worked on the project will be willing to disclose what they’d been hashing out.


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