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Soul: 7 Pixar Easter Eggs To Look For The Next Time You Watch

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download movie latest in hindi

John Ratzenberger

Pixar movies have dealt with such unique stories over the years that there is very little that they all truly have in common. However, one element that has always been there is John Ratzenberger. The actor has voiced a character in every Pixar movie from Toy Story forward. Sometimes he’s been a major character, other times, just a cameo, but he’s always been there, until now. John Ratzenberger’s voice actually isn’t in Soul, and so, to keep his streak alive, his likeness is. When Joe, as a cat, has to chase 22, as Joe, down into the subway, they run past a guy who will look familiar to fans of Cheers. It’s Ratzenberger’s digital likeness, so he is in the movie.


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