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The Best Stephen King Movies Based On His Short Stories

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download movie latest in hindi

7. The Langoliers (“The Langoliers” from Four Past Midnight)

Okay, maybe I’m cheating a little here since The Langoliers was technically a TV miniseries, but people are always talking about the original It “movie” with Tim Curry even though that was a miniseries, too, so there. Plus, I just love The Langoliers. The story concerns a bunch of people on a plane who manage to slip through time. And they have to become unstuck in time or The Langoliers, which look like flying versions of the Isz from the comic book, The Maxx, will get them. It’s pretty badass.

Yes, the special effects for The Langoliers are terrible today, but the tension building up to meeting them, and the overall creepiness of the story itself, is super effective. Also, can we please get a remake of The Langoliers? We got one for Pet Sematery that we didn’t need (but was pretty good anyway). So, how about The Langoliers? This one could definitely use one.


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