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The Dark Knight Rises: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Christopher Nolan’s Final Batman Movie

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Bane’s Backstory Was Originally Much More Detailed

Despite seeing quite a lot of Tom Hardy’s Bane throughout The Dark Knight Rises, audiences didn’t learn too much about his backstory until the final act of the movie, and even then, the details are sparse. Well, according to a GQ interview (via Vulture) with the film’s costume director Lindy Hemming, there was apparently a scene later cut that filled in the gaps.

In what sounds much like the League of Shadows training that Bruce Wayne underwent in Batman Begins, the scene is described as showing Bane in a rough version of his signature mask and support belt fighting off taunts and attacks as a youth. Lindy Hemming also told the interviewer about another scene that showed why Bane needed the mask in the first place but was mum on the details.


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