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The Little Things Ending Explained: The Dark Unexpected Conclusion

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download movie latest in hindi

What Happened At The End Of The Little Things

Jared Leto’s Sparma (easily) convinces Baxter to accompany him to a desert. He promises to lead him to the body of Rhonda Rathbun (Maya Kazan). Sparma has Baxter dig for Rathbun while continuing to taunt him. Eventually, Sparma brings up Baxter’s family. He says that if Baxter can’t protect these dead girls, how is he supposed to protect his daughters. Baxter snaps and hits Sparma with the shovel, which kills him. 

Meanwhile, Deacon has finally found Baxter and Sparma. He sees Sparma’s body lying on the ground and then flashes to over five years ago when he was searching for the third body of a missing girl. Sal (Chris Bauer) calls for Deacon, and he gets thrown off, just as he’s talking to Sal, he hears someone running towards him. Without looking, he shoots, not realizing until it’s too late that the person approaching was the missing girl, whom he shoots straight in the chest.


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