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The One Scott Pilgrim Moment Edgar Wright Is Looking Forward To Fans Rediscovering In Theaters

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

I think one of my favorite sequences is in the movie, which is one that maybe, like there are other bits of the film that are more famous. But I always think that, for me, my favorite fight scene in the movie is the Roxy fight with Mae Whitman in the night club, where like Ramoma and Roxy are fighting. I think we shot that, I might be wrong, but I remember that we shot that in like four days. And when I watched that sequence again, I was like ‘How did we shoot this in four days? It looks amazing!’ I think that the lighting, and the photography, and the visual effects in that sequence are just, like, astonishing. The girls are so great and the choreography is really great, and Nigel Godrich’s score is amazing. I mean, I’m really happy with the whole thing, but that’s one sequence that whenever it comes up, I’m like, ‘Ah. This looks great, this looks fantastic.’


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