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The Six Most Insane Moments In The Godzilla Vs. Kong Trailer

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download movie latest in hindi

Atomic Breath Attack DENIED?!

Look, when you’re dealing with Godzilla, there’s one showstopper move he’s required to bust out: the atomic breath. A moment that dazzled fans in both Godzilla and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it’s a sure sign that if the god lizard needs to use this move, you’re toast. However, Godzilla vs. Kong wouldn’t be exciting if we knew who was going to win on the outset, and King Kong apparently has the means to not only block this radiation blast, but to send it straight back to Godzilla’s gaping maw! All bets truly are off, and if one of these beasts truly has to fall, I can’t begin to guess who it’s going to be, especially in light of recent developments.


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