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The Witches: 8 Cool Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Anjelica Huston Movie

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Some Of The Mouse Scenes Actually Involved Giant Puppets

During production of The Witches, Jim Henson demonstrated the work that went into the mice that were used throughout the movie, which included three different sizes. There was the normal-sized mouse puppet that is seen whenever human (and witch) characters are on screen, a medium-sized mouse, and then finally a giant mouse that’s the size of a dog.

In the video, Jim Henson explained that the “C Size” mouse puppet (he is seen with the Bruno model) had to be large enough to be controlled by hand. The production design team had to come up with ways to design sets that would make the puppet look like it was only two inches long, which Henson said complicated things. At the same time, however, the size of the puppet allowed the team to make it more expressive with its movements.


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