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The Witches: 9 Differences Between The Anne Hathaway Movie And The Roald Dahl Book

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download movie latest in hindi

Bruno Is Reunited With His Parents In The Book

In the book, Bruno’s parents are pretty awful, and Bruno isn’t that likable himself. His parents are portrayed as pretty stuck-up, unlikable people and Bruno is a brat. The movie takes a more sympathetic portrayal of Bruno and his parents aren’t around enough to dislike them.

In the movie, he stays with Daisy, Grandmother, and the Boy, but in the book, Grandmother gets Bruno’s parents to understand what happened to him, and in the commotion of the witch-to-rat transformation, she forces them to take him. Later, Grandmother and Boy discuss that Bruno probably meets a gruesome fate.

They believe that his parents won’t just accept their new mouse son and speculate that he might be drowned by them eventually. Clearly, leaving Bruno with his mean parents may be a little too dark for a movie aimed at families.


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