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Toy Story At Disney World: What To Do At WDW For Fans Of Woody And Buzz Lightyear

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download movie latest in hindi

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

If you want to take your Walt Disney World vacation and your love of all things Toy Story to yet another level, then you may want to consider staying at the All-Star Movies Resort. You’ve got to stay somewhere, right? This hotel has an entire section dedicated to Toy Story including massive statues of Buzz, Woody, and other Toy Story characters outside, as well as references to those characters, and others, inside the rooms. All-Star Movies is one of Walt Disney World’s less expensive hotels so getting the Toy Story experience isn’t even that expensive. Although you can’t usually book a room specific to the Toy Story section, you can make the request, and either way you’ll be able to wander over to check out the Toy Story theming.


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