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Human Discoveries (Facebook)

Back in 2017, Facebook Watch was launched and gave millions of the social media giant’s users access to original drama drama series, animation, docuseries, and all other sorts of content. One of the three adult animation comedies produced for Facebook’s foray into streaming was the 2019 title Human Discoveries, a 10-episode silly good time that was like a raunchier and more over-the-top version of The Flintstones.

Created by Chris Bruno and David Howard Lee, Human Discoveries centered on Anna Kendrick’s Jane and Zac Efron’s Gary but also featured a cast that included Jillian Bell, Lamorne Morris, Paul Scheer, Lisa Kudrow, and other notable stars. While the group of prehistoric friends discovers life-changing inventions like fire and the wheel, other finds bring confusion and all other emotions to the gang.

Stream it on Facebook here.


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