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Upcoming Anya Taylor-Joy Movies: What’s Next For The Queen’s Gambit Star

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The Sea Change – TBD

Back in February 2017, Deadline reported that Anya Taylor-Joy was just one of the names being tied to the film adaptation of Elizabeth Jane Howard’s 1959 acclaimed novel The Sea Change. According to the report, the movie will center around a group of people who are re-evaluating loss, love, and the human connection after coming to a remote island off the coast of Greece. Taylor-Joy is to play a curious and outspoken young woman whose life is thrown upside-down as the two other people in the group, a married couple to be played by Mark Strong and Kristin Scott Thomas (who is to make her directorial debut), overcome years of turmoil in their marriage.

At the time of the film’s announcement, Kristin Scott Thomas, who recently appeared in the Netflix adaptation of Rebecca, told Deadline that she wanted to make a movie that explores the thrills and difficulties of love in a way that has depth, humor, and beauty. There haven’t been any further announcements regarding The Sea Change in nearly four years now, so unless something major happens following Anya Taylor-Joy’s successful run on The Queen’s Gambit, this one may be dead in the water.


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