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Upcoming Elisabeth Moss Movies And TV: What’s Ahead For The Handmaid’s Tale Star

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Run Rabbit Run (2021) – Post-Production

When you star in a big-time TV show, you usually end up making connections with the creatives behind the scenes who direct, write, or even produce it. That is the case with Run Rabbit Run, a film which is being directed by a helmer of The Handmaid’s Tale, and in which Elisabeth Moss signed on to star, according to Variety.

The Daina Reid-directed film follows the tale of a fertility doctor (played by Moss) who believes in life and death, but after noticing strange behavior in her child, she has to challenge her own ideals and confront her many fears.

One of my favorite genres of film is straight-up thriller/horror. And since we’ve already seen Elisabeth Moss show her talents off in that genre, as in The Invisible Man, I’m all set to see her rock this role. It’s such an interesting take as well, her being a fertility doctor and set in her values, but an outside force causes her to change. I think if anyone could rock a role like that, it’s Elisabeth Moss.


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