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Upcoming Hugh Jackman Movies: What’s Ahead For The X-Men Star

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The Music Man (Broadway Production) – 2021

Honestly, it’s also not a surprise that we’re seeing a musical production appear on this list, as Hugh Jackman has done plenty in the musical genre, both on-screen and on stage. However, it seems that this time he is stepping back onto the Broadway stage and taking on the main role in The Music Man, according to

If you don’t know about The Music Man, it’s a classic musical from the 1950s that has had several revivals and has toured all over the world (and a 1962 big-screen adaptation, and 2003 TV movie), following the story of Harold Hill, a con man who poses as a musician to try and sell band equipment to local townsfolk.

The revival’s performances are set to, hopefully, begin in December 2021, and will officially open to the public in February 2022. Several other Broadway stars have signed onto the musical, including Sutton Foster (TV Land’s Younger).


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