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Upcoming Simon Pegg Movies: What’s Ahead For The Mission: Impossible Star

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

Simon Pegg has been writing, producing, and starring in various movies and television shows for more than a quarter-century now, but has been a major player in the industry since his 2004 breakout horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead. Since then, the multi-talented English actor has gone on to join several highly successfully franchises, becoming a bankable star in the process. Pegg’s string of hits will surely continue for years to come with upcoming movies like Mission: Impossible 7 and its direct sequel, as well as anticipated titles coming to streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ in the coming years.

So, what is coming down the road for Simon Pegg? Well, besides portraying Benji Dunn in his fifth and sixth Mission: Impossible movies? Quite a bit actually. With the aforementioned Netflix and Disney+ animated movies and several other films that could be equally as funny, it looks like we’ll be talking about our friend Simon Pegg for years to come.


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